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A very important part of the agriturismo is the vineyard. In 2014 we planted one hectare with 5000 plants, four varieties, the Gaglioppo or Sanforte as red wine and the Pecorino, the Trebbiano Toscano and our bet, the Gewürztraminer, as white wine. Together with our long-time friend Felice Briscese we decide to start with this new adventure.
With the precious guide of the Nico Speranza winemaker, we start this very hard road that will take us to the first harvest in 2017 and then to the production of our Vitalbero white wine and our red wine, which must however mature for a long time to be perfect.
A maniacal care of the vineyard, a cultivation with very close plants to obtain an extreme quality, processes performed almost exclusively by hand and a low production make our wines a rare and exclusive product, a product like ours deserves the best in terms of quality for this we have chosen the best Portuguese cork with NDTech technology by Amorin the best cork in the world !!!



This wine is like us. Three vines, the power of Pecorino, the delicacy of the Tuscan Trebbiano and the aromatic elegance of the Gewürztraminer.

Our vineyard is organic with a dense plant, 5000 vines per hectare, an extreme selection, manual processing, for a wine a bit special.

Maceration on the skins at low temperature, fermentation in steel on indigenous yeasts at a controlled temperature for 20 days. Maturation of 8 months and refinement in the bottle.

Production: 450 bottles
Alcohol content: 12.5

ROSSO 2018


100% Gaglioppo or Galloppa of the Marches, in the past it was also known as Sanforte, a wine with a strong structure and powerful tannins. Almost completely gone has been recovered right in our Contrada and implanted for less than a decade.

Fermentation in steel on indigenous yeasts, aging for 20 months in steel barrels, aging in wood and in bottles, it will be sell in 2022 and by then it will also have a name.

Production: 400 bottles
Alcohol content: 14.5